I am Kim, the designer for KIMCo.!  I handcraft every pair of earrings that you purchase.  My family and I live in San Antonio, Texas. I am married to my husband Rene and I have 2 sons; Ben, 18 years old and Andrew, 22 years old.  I’ve always loved earrings but I would always have a hard time finding exactly what I wanted at the stores,  so I began my entrepreneurial journey in the summer of 2018 as just something fun to do - another 'hobby.'  I really enjoy every step of the earring making process and I wanted to make this 'hobby' more than just a hobby and create a more functional earring option for women other than store bought earrings.  So my hobby quickly turned into an obsession and now here I am... an earring entrepreneur!  What I personally love about leather earrings is the subtle and neutral tones, bold pops of colors, and many different patterns and textures.  I also love that they are soft in texture, extremely lightweight that you will forget you are wearing them, and so versatile that they can be worn with just about anything.  I always use nickel-free earring hooks so they are comfortable for sensitive ears.  The potential of leather is practically limitless.  I offer a variety of different styles, seasonal colors, unique textures, classic and unique shapes, multiple sizes, and a variety of tones to complement your individual look!  My designs include different shapes and various textures in clay, wood, leather, and stud earrings! ... Don’t be afraid to try something new! From creating the design to making the earrings is what I love to do & I sincerely hope you see and feel the thoughtfulness behind each pair of earrings that I create. This is why I do what I do, it’s what keeps me motivated!